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Latest American Seed Trade Assn - Seed Legal Developments
The rights and responsibilities of participants in the seed industry continue to be litigated and debated around the world, particularly with regard to seed derived through modern biotechnology (“biotech seed”). Throughout the past six months, we have seen federal courts, Congress, and state legislatures consider labeling for products containing ingredients derived through modern biotechnology, courts and local jurisdictions consider regulation of the cultivation of biotech crops, regulatory agencies review the usage of biotech seed and neonicotinoids, and the international community review and debate biotech seed approval and regulation. Like previous Legal Developments Updates, this edition summarizes selected recent developments of which we have become aware that should be of interest to the industry. These are the subjects covered in this documents.
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ASTA Overview of Recent Significant Legal Activity Affecting the Seed Industry
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MDA Letter on Seed Supplies as Cover Crop Concerns
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Revised Cover Crop requirements for USDA-FSA in Minnesota
These covers are required on FSA Base Acres on DCP/ACRE participating farms. Please be aware that the Risk Management Agency (USDA-RMA) and their crop insurance providers may have different requirements.

Scientists Propose New Type of Seed Bank -While an international seed bank in a Norwegian island has been gathering news about its agricultural collection, a group of U.S. scientists has just published an article outlining a different kind of seed bank, one that proposes the gathering of wild species––at intervals in the future––effectively capturing evolution in action. Click here to read the story.

ASTA annouced that Market Choices® has been suspended by the U.S. Seed Industry

Biotech/Genetically Engineered (GE) Seed Information
More Farmers Choosing Biotech - click here to read a newsrelease from the ISAAA announcing the findings of their report for 2008.
Click here to view a report on total world biotech acres.

Read a MDA memo regarding brand vs variety posting on field cropsigns.

Revised Native Seed Fact Sheet
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Did you know that the MDA has a Seed Advisory Group and that a MCPR Board member serves on this committee?
Did you know:
-that you are prohibited from offerring treated seed corn for sale for burning in corn burning stoves and that MPCA has taken action to regulate the sale of treated seed corn for corn burning stoves?
-that Minnesota requires the variety name on the seed label and requires brands be identified on the label by listing the word “brand” immediately following or directly beneath the brand name?

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