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Become an MCPR Member Today!

The MCPR is the members' organization. Without membership we lose strength to accomplish our goals.  There are lots of changes happening in our industry and we need strong, active members to remain proactive.

As a member you'll enjoy these benefits:

  • Minnesota Representation
    MCPR is the lobbyist and watchdog for the fertilizer, agrichemical and seed industry in Minnesota. MCPR influences rules and regulations before they are drafted; after they are approved; and continually monitors the regulatory process.
  • National Representation
    The MCPR is a Minnesota association liaison with the Ag Retailers Association, Crop Life America, The Fertilizer Institute, and the Midwest Ag Chem Association.
  • Enews:  The Enews provides the latest Minnesota ag inputs industry developments.
  • Help in solving your problems:   MCPR can research and resolve transportation and commercial drivers license questions, provide a Drug and Alcohol Testing program for your drivers, and give unbiased expert advice for facility improvements and clean ups.
  • Other Programs and Events:
    • Annual Golf Event Outing gives our members a day to relax and talk with others in the industry, workshops on important new industry issues
    • Short Course & Trade Show combined with the U of MN Extension provides great educational opportunities as well at the best Trade Show in the Northwest
    • Do-it-Yourself Training provides an economical and efficient way to provide employee training
  • Exhibitor Discounts:  MCPR members will get lower booth rates at the annual CPM Short Course and MCPR Trade Show held in December.