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2022 Applicator Manual

EPA requires a label accompany every pesticide to the end user. For retailers that provide custom application services this can be a challenge. The Applicator Manual is designed to be placed in each piece of application equipment, and nurse or tender equipment, to provide operators and handlers access to label information.

These handy 5 1/2" x 8 1/2" manuals have over 125 of the most common custom applied products, which help comply with EPA's requirement to have label information available to applicators while handling or applying pesticides.



$21.20 EACH
(plus tax & shipping)
*Free Shipping on orders of 50 or more


2022 Safety Data Sheets Manual

Created Specifically for Farm Centers

For more than 20 years, Asmark Institute’s comprehensive Safety Data Sheet book has helped Farm Centers meet this need. The 23rd edition SDS book from Asmark puts handling, storing and emergency measures at the fingertips of your employees for more than 830 products sold or used at Farm Centers, including:
  • Agricultural chemicals
  • Fertilizers
  • Paints
  • Shop Products and much more!
$48.40 EACH
(plus tax & shipping)

*Free Shipping on orders of 50 or more


2020 Emergency Response Guidebook

Numerically indexed and color-coded, the DOT Emergency Response Guidebook helps emergency responders find viral information fast. It's also a great tool to aid in emergency preparedness, planning and training.


The DOT requires hazardous materials shipments to be accompanied by emergency response information (49 CFR 172.602). The 2020 ERG can help you meet this requirement. A copy of the 2020 ERG should be placed in each vehicle that transports a DOT hazardous material.


$2.75 EACH
(plus tax & shipping)


Personalized Forms

Easy as 1, 2, 3....Simple online process, combines personalized facility information with technical data, print off a master copy, and current data on demand.

Notice of Application Form

  • Complies with WPS and RUP rules
  • Choose from over 2,600 products

DOT Shipping Documents

  • Complies with DOT regulations
  • Choose from over 4,500 products

Vehicle Maintenance Central

Need help with your Vehicle Maintenance Files? You know you maintain your vehicles, but do you document it as required by the DOT? Proper vehicle maintenance and documentation results in less out-of-service time, violations and fines. VMC is a web-based tool that makes it simple and easy to track and document your vehicle maintenance files: *Notifications when service is due *SMART card makes it possible to transfer information from paper to electronic record *Stores part numbers for handy retrieval *Accessible 24/7/365 *Designed for a wide variety of equipment

Written Programs

Use this online tool to create and produce written programs personalized to your retail agricultural farm center, terminal, warehouse or equipment dealership. Each of these written programs is designed to assist you with essential OSHA & DOT requirements.