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Continuing Education Requirements

  • Every 2 years a Certified Crop Advisor must complete 40 hours of continuing education units (CEUs). One continuing education unit is equal to one hour of classroom training. Registrants are required to take a minimum of 20 CEUs that have been CCA Board approved. CEUs submitted by registrants are subject to be audited by the registrant's state CCA Board.
  • A CCA registrant's certification may be revoked for failing to maintain the required CEUs. To regain certification a registrant must appeal to the state CCA board for reinstatement or pass the international and state exams and meet the current eligibility requirement.
  • Self Study Options

CEU Resources

Submitting CEUs

ICCA has introduced the online CCA CEU application that has been updated to include the automatic assigning of the tracking number and the automatic creation of the sign in sheet that will include the QR code for scanning by participants.

Online CEU application form.

Click here for the CEU Application Tutorial

Certified Crop Advisers Continuing Education Standards

CEU Conversion Table - *Please note that sessions that are less than 30 minutes are not able to receive credit*.


Commonly Missing Information on CEU Applications:

Session Summary-not the title written a second time but what will be talked about/presented

Speaker name and background- the CEU Review Committee specifically requires to be provided with the speaker’s: degree, what their degree is in, where the degree is from and their current position. If the speaker does not have a degree an appropriate amount of background information regarding their knowledge on the subject.

Self -Study Applications/On Demand – must contain detailed information on the self-study content and include the questions/answers for the exam required to complete the self-study. Each exam must contain a minimum of 10 questions per CEU - true/false questions are not permitted.  A bio for the person or persons responsible for the session and exam content must also be included.

Self-Report CEU Credits
Visit the Certified Crop Adviser Homepage and click on "Self Report CEUS" on the right hand side of the page (you will need to log-in to your account).