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Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration Addresses Aggressive and Fraudulent Marketing Wave
As of recently:

1. A mass marketing “service provider” is apparently mass e-mailing misleading, threatening and “just on the edge of criminal” solicitations regarding general motor carrier compliance and biennial registration requirements to carriers.

2. It appears at this time, and in addition to #1, a China based site is using a “look-a-like” solicitation with significant typos and such to emulate the solicitations; it is undetermined if this is a collaboration with #1 or complete emulation by another “service provider”

3. The FMCSA office is confirming and collecting data from scores of reports of nationwide robo-calls being received since yesterday and ongoing today. The calls are possibly emulating from offshore and referring victims back to the Chinese iteration. They are in the process of confirming the telephone calls are of offshore origin and are, in fact, voice over IP robo-calls.

These often threatening solicitations are not in collaboration with FMCSA; some appear to be outright fraud as opposed to “borderline”.
FMCSA personnel:

*Do not ask for credit card or banking information data by telephone.

*Does not utilize auto or “robo dial”

FMCSA representatives should suggest victims:

*who have provided their credit card numbers should immediately challenge the charges as fraudulent and have the cc provider cancel the card and reissue; once the number is obtained by a fraudster it will be used again

*who have given banking information such as account or routing numbers should notify their bank or financial institution immediately

Here is the current FMCSA document “Aggressive or Fraudulent Marketing Guidance” which may help our industry partners avoid victimization or reclaim their lost funds.
More to follow as additional information is acquired and researched

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